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Know the importance of free fall distance

In the fall protection industry, free fall is considered the maximum allowable fall distance, ending just as the worker's fall arrest system begins to decelerate his body. It is important to understand that the force that is generated is conditioned to ...
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Do you know how to properly adjust your fall harness?

Follow the following steps and recommendations for the correct placement of your full body harness. Step One • Hold the harness by the dorsal “D” ring. • Make sure the straps are not tangled or twisted. Step Two • Put the straps over your shoulders. • Check that the straps are not tangled • The straps should…
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What is the expiration of your equipment against falls from height?

According to the ANSI / ASSE Z359.1 (07) standard, fall protection equipment DOES NOT HAVE EXPIRATION, since there are only two valid parameters to determine their life; the periodic inspection that determines when an equipment has reached the end of its useful life, whether due to natural wear and tear, the result of work ...
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What is OSHA?

OSHA is an agency of the US Department of Labor whose responsibility is to protect the safety and health of workers. In 1970 in the United States, then President Richard M. Nixon, determined to do something about the high number of deaths and injuries suffered by workers in his centers of ...
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Protection Against High Falls

Falls from height represent a high percentage of industrial accidents in the industry, causing serious, permanent injuries and even death, causing irreparable harm to families. Fall protection is considered as a series of methods used to minimize or eliminate the risks, injuries and deaths caused by ...
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Start Season Golden Eagle

At Soluciones de Altura SA de CV we are proud to support our internal collaborators in activities that promote family and internal interaction of our company. We are proud sponsors of the Golden Eagle soccer team, who began their debut in the inter-company soccer league 7 San Miguel on Monday, August 27, achieving a victory of…
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