• Standardize and implement the process to carry out for the authorization of a return and your warehouse receipt
  • Clarify to the client in which cases they may consider making a return
  • Decrease the amount of returns generated by omissions and actions that are beyond the reach of Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV and cause the sale not to have the degree of satisfaction required by our Clients



The Returns Policy of Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV is aimed at:

  1. Customers in general
  2. All the involved departments of Soluciones de Altura SA de CV



  1. The product must be in its original presentation as well as in optimal conditions for sale. The return is subject to revision.
  2. The product had to have been acquired from Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV in a period not exceeding 10 days.
  3. The client must be up to date with payments.
  4. Partial boxes, product made to order and product modified by the client are NOT subject to return.
  5. The product must be returned in perfect condition, as received and with all accessories and original packaging.
  6. A written refund request must be submitted to Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV
  7. Send an email to your sales agent, or to: [email protected]
  8. A 20% return charge will be applied to the invoice value.
  9. Any additional costs incurred for the return are the responsibility of the client.



  1. The client interested in making a return You must send in writing to your corresponding Sales Agent a Merchandise Return Request.
  2. Once the Sales Agent has the SDM sent by the Client, he must review the case with the Sales Management in order to request his Vo.Bo. to follow the procedure. In case of approval, the Manager will sign the SDM in the corresponding space, indicating that you can continue your Return process.
  3. If Sales Management does not authorize to continue with the procedure, it will define what to do to respond to the client.
  4. The Sales Agent must notify the Client of the resolution given regarding their SDM within a maximum period of 2 business days
  5. The time for the Sales Agent to get a response begins after the SDM it is delivered and confirmed by the Sales Manager.
  6. The SDM It can be delivered in person or via e-mail, the sales agent must confirm by phone with the sales manager.
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