Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV is a Mexican company with a production plant in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, from where we ship to the entire Mexican Republic as well as to central and southern America, selling only through authorized distributors.


1.1 The Prices and Distributions that are handled are exclusively for Wholesale.
1.2 We have a pre-established purchase minimum.
1.3 It is essential that you check with your Sales Executive for the existence of the products, before making any deposit.
1.4 Once the invoice has been made with the data provided, no changes or cancellations can be made. Please verify that the data to be invoiced is completely correct before proceeding to place your order.
1.5 In case the material is sent abroad, the client has the obligation to specify with his customer service executive the correct address to send the products and if the material will be received via Occurrence or Domicile.
1.6 It is important to notify the Billing Department of the email address where your Electronic Invoice will be sent.

2.1 The prices established in United States dollars (USD) will be charged at the exchange rate in force on the day of payment. (In accordance with Article No. 8 of the Monetary Law).
2.2 All prices, whether pesos or dollars, are plus VAT and are subject to change without prior notice.

3.1 The shipment of the merchandise is made after confirmation of your payment, in our bank accounts, it is essential to send by email the deposit slip or proof of transfer, consult directly with your Sales Executive, banks and account numbers where you can make your deposits. These are exclusively in the name of Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV
3.2 All FOREIGN or LOCAL clients, if their purchase is CASH, THE MATERIAL CANNOT BE SENT if the deposit is not made in FIRM, which has been sent and verified by the CREDIT DEPARTMENT to the email [email protected]
3.3 In case of being a client who already has POST-DATED CHECKS CREDIT (Prior authorization by the Credit and Collection Department), these will have to be sent to the Corporate with Attention to the Credit Department.
3.4 Checks must be made out to: Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV with the legend: "FOR PAYMENT IN THE BENEFICIARY'S ACCOUNT".
3.5 Personal checks are not accepted.
3.6 For each returned check a charge of 60 dollars plus VAT will be applied
3.7 Any customer with checks returned by the bank or late payments, may be affected in their line of credit.
3.8 In case it is necessary to send a partial order from us, that is, with a missing one which will be sent immediately receiving the part from our suppliers, the type of shipment we choose using a very specific criterion and only in special cases , where it is considered to be a benefit for our client.
3.9 If there is a problem that requires a considerable time interval, our Customer Service staff will contact you within a maximum period of 7 business days, as appropriate.

4.1 In special orders, if the customer does not have credit, it is authorized with a 50% in advance when ordering and the rest when delivering.
4.2 In customers with Credit, special orders cannot be made for amounts greater than their credit limit. (In the event that combining this special order exceeds the credit already granted, the client will also have to send the 50% of the Advance payment and the rest when delivering the material)

5.1 By placing your orders and payments before 11:00 am, you can receive your products that same day; from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., on working days (Monday to Friday).
5.2 If you place your orders and payments after 14:30 hours, it is our commitment to deliver your products the next business day, with the following important observation, in stock products the delivery will be in 24 hours. In non-line products, the delivery time will be specified in the quote.
5.3 A person of legal age must be at the address who can receive your order.
5.4 In the event that no people are found at the delivery address, a visit notice will be left of the time and person who attended and our client will be asked to be very kind to come and collect the materials in our warehouses.
5.6 The merchandise will be delivered in the area that the client has destined to receive the product, except that it is somewhere that is difficult to download or that it is not on the first floor.

6.1 The merchandise will be sent by the carrier that the client designates and that is within the agreements of Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV, the freight is at the expense and risk of the client, the cost will be according to the rate stipulated by the agreed carrier and delivery conditions (home delivery or occurs). In the case of free freight, the risk is borne by the customer, so we suggest insuring your shipment, asking your Sales Executive for the corresponding rate.
6.2 Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV strives to protect your merchandise against any abuse on the way, so it uses security measures in the shipping boxes with special labels and tapes with the legend "GoldenEagle"
6.3 Soluciones de Altura, SA de CV is not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise by the carrier, and therefore recommends insuring your merchandise. If you require it, you must notify your Sales Executive when preparing your order. All shipments are insured from our facilities at a cost of .0063 per thousand, in case this charge is not required, please send a letter of refusal and assume your own risks.
6.4 In the event of any anomaly in the packaging, it is recommended to verify at the moment the quantity and damage of the products in the presence of the driver and not to sign the conformity until it has been confirmed that the merchandise is in perfect condition. It is recommended to take a photograph as evidence of the status of the package received and send it to your Sales Executive for possible clarifications.
6.5 After having validated the merchandise and having manifested before the parcel the event presented, if there are any anomalies, the client will have 24 hours after receipt to notify their executive; at the end of this time, the shipment will be considered to have been received correctly.
6.6 In the case of CASH CUSTOMERS and to guarantee that your merchandise is sent to you on the same day that you place your order, your firm deposit must be confirmed before 12:00 hours, otherwise it will be sent the following business day.

NOTE: These POLICIES are subject to change so we suggest checking them frequently.

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